Native English speaker new friends wanted in Beijing

Hi Everyone,
I have a Chinese female friend living in Beijing who would like to find some native English speaker friends to connect with, spend time with, talk with.
Her name is Esther.
She's a film and tv actress and a very good singer.
She speaks very good English.
I'm back in England now, but I said that I would try to find some new friends for her.
She wants to feel more comfortable speaking and singing in English.
So whether you're a man or woman, if you'd like to have a new friend, please contact me.
I will introduce you.
Esther is a really nice person, and my good friend.
I sang with her in Guangdong, when I lived there.
Please don't be shy, we need all the friends we can get, lol!
Please email me or skype me or WhatsApp me or WeChat me?
I live in the city of Bath, and I run a house on Airbnb.
Best regards,
Email: xxx
Skype: xxxx
WeChat: xxxx
Phone: xxxxx

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Hi Richard,

I'm moving to Beijing in September if the offer is still on. I do not know anyone in Beijing so if your friend still wants native English speaking friends let me know.


I am living in haidian district, Beijing.
I am doing exporting work here, my age 27. can we be friend?

I am spending part of the summer in Beijing, then back to New York City, where I live. So I don't know whether your friend Esther would be interested in meeting and enjoying some of the things Beijing has to offer, talking, etc.
Let me know!

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