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Hi everyone

I'm just curious to know what the allocated teacher accommodation is like for a family of 2? Pics would be great if possible   :)

Also, any information/ advice regarding the school environment, or living here as a single mom, or anything worth mentioning, would be valued


We will be in Fujairah in August 2017. What does the teacher accommodation look like for a married couple?


We in the same situation. .desperately trying to find out what teacher accommodation looks like etc.

Don-Rico we from South Africa with a job offer for Fujeirah. Are you there yet? Interested to know how you getting on. Keep us posted. Not much info on here for working and living in Fujeirah. :(


We will be arriving on the 17th Aug. 
Have found the school on Google earth, but seems to be a problem getting the physical address of our apartment from the school.
They have said a driver will collect us from DBX and take us to our accommodation.
We'll see in 2 weeks time then!

i am living and working in dubai for a long time...it is  a nice city...you will love it so much..especially  during winter.....what school are you going to join?....i think most of teacher accomodations are near the schools..an area called sakamkam.....i hope you will enjoy here


My wife will be teaching at Diyar international school.

yes,..i know it...it is the best school here....in skamkam.....i think your accommodation is in skamkam also ...very near to the school

Do you get given accommodation or do you have to get your own?

We get given accommodation

Oh wow brilliant! I just started my teaching job, im based in Fujairah but my group have to find our own accommodation and everything.

Hi, are you now staying/living in Fujairah? How was it Teaching there

Hi, are you now staying/living in Fujairah? How was it Teaching there? What does a teacher accommodation look like for a single female?


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good afternoon.....i am not a teacher...i am a physician...but i live and work in fujairah for 14 years....i know al deyar school,,,,it is the best school in fujairah...i think their accommodation will be nice

Thank you... we will see next week! 😊

good morning...i am not a teacher..i am a physician...but i know al deyar school  properties re the best in fujairah...i guess you will like it

Thank you

PM me for more information.

Ho Don Rico,

Have you arrived in Fujairah. Where is your accommodation located? Is it furnished?

Thanks a lot

Hi, I'm considering the idea of going to Fujairah to work as a teacher. Is anyone currently working there as a teacher? or has been in the last couple of years? it would be great to speak with someone before I accept the offer. Thanks!

Sent you a message

I am not a teacher to advise you, but it will be great as I know

I am intending to also go to Fujaira to teach in D in August, could you share your experience with me please? I would really appreciate that.


It is a terrible place.. especially D school..

Hi, I am going to teach in D this year. Don Rico you said it's terrible why??

I am also South African.

Any information regarding the school, learners, staff , environment would be appreciated.


Which school?

Hi Don Rico ,
It's in Fujairah.

How is the accommodation ? Do you have pics ?

Which school in Fujairah. We were at D and left because it's just really bad there.
Fujairah is actually a small town.. kind of a dump of a place

D is bad.. going to take you 8 mnths at least to get your residency. Dr A is a sweet talking liar.
Many people have left. We left after 5 months because of working conditions.  It's all about putting up a front of how good the school is and no priority on teaching. The arab kids are rude and dis orderly.
Stay away if you can and find another school in UAE if you really want to go there.
We ended up now in China and it's brilliant!

DO NOT GO TO D!!! Been working in D now for 10 months, still don't have Emirates ID.
I can write a book about the school and all that is NOT good there.

I want to join Diyar school in Fujairah. Just wanted to know about the single accommodation provided by the school. Pictures of the house if you can send pls.

Hi are you still at D school? If you are can you please tell me how things are now. Thanks

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