Where would you live in Bulgaria?

Hi, sorry if this topic has come up before.

My name is Niels, from Denmark and working online on various projects. I arrived in Plovdiv about 2-3 weeks ago. I met a handful of similar people, mostly from Bulgaria. Was kind of hoping to meet other expats also working online. But seems there are not that many here, as I was hoping for.

In a way I like Plovdiv, but dont really feel a positive vibe here. Prefer staying near the beach, so was thinking about giving Varna a try. But maybe it will be the same experience there, so perhaps I should give it more time here in Plovdiv.

What do you guys think, others working online in Varna? Is there an expat community?

Just my thoughts since arriving here in Bulgaria. If someone wants to meet up, then feel free to contact me.

Hi Niles, I'm in Bansko at the moment and I passed an establishment yesterday called co-working Bansko (I think that was the name). It seems to be a place for people who work online to get together/work together. I don't work online so I know nothing about it. Maybe look for it on google..just thought you may be interested. Best of luck.

Hi Joanne,
Yes I heard about it before. It could be an option, but not really a skiing or wintersport person. Maybe you dont have to be, to live there, but I think it helps.

Thank you for your input :-)

You're welcome

Hi Nils, I'm Swedish but live in Melbourne. I got a couple of places in Bulgaria. I like the VT area. Got a big old house in a nice larger village just minutes from the city but now also an apartment in the old city of VT. Good luck.

Hi there,

Working online is actyally quite handy when it comes to changing places. On the other hand Bulgaria is one of the countries with best Internet coverage and highest speed in the world. So go for it - try Varna, Bourgas, Sofia, Stara Zagora, Nessebar if you like the seaside. ANd search for your vibe.

By the way, not shure if this is going to help, but here's how a vibe meter looks like:

Hi Niles,
          I live near VT,this is a great area in terms of history,geography and  there are some interesting villages too.However,there is a huge expat community ,so if it's relaxation and anonymity which you're looking for,then maybe a more rural idyll would benefit you more!Having said that ,the majority of expats are great.Good luck!

Veliko Tarnova seems like a good option. Might consider that. Thank you again for the inputs.

Hi Niles72

If you work online then you can live anywhere you want but close to the coast is a very good idea as it's more fun but my advice to you is to choose Burgas are or South of Burgas as it's less crowded and very nice area

Yes true I can work from anywhere. The reason I came to Bulgaria was actually to find a more permanent place to settle. Need input and inspiration from other IT people, so looking for a city with coworking spaces. VT seems to have that too.

Yeah! Let's build a Scandinavian community in VT 😂

Sure Freudy, why not  :D  Are you there at the moment?

Not sure what type of work you do online, but Varna has a pretty active WordPress and PHP community. Monthly meetups/lectures etc. (I think it is mostly Bulgarians, not expats, but not sure- my husband goes, I don't.). There are also a few co-working spaces becoming more popular. One is called the beehive. My husband works there on occasion when we are visiting Varna. We moved away from Varna (And are now in Gabrovo, in the center of Bulgaria) because I wanted a smaller town. But in general, Varna has a lot to offer.

Yes, Varna definitely has an expat community and is a vibrant seaside city.

In fact, I  know a 50+ yo Dane that frequents The 3 Lions and Sundogs Bar.

Yes I know about beehive coworking and there is also another called startupcenter in Varna.

Might be worth checking out.

I've just come back from a property viewing trip in Veliko Tarnovo and surrounding villages.  Good bus and train services, cheap too.  Loved the old town of Veliko, touristy but in a nice way, lots of good restaurants, even went to a motorcycle rock fest event which the property agent told us about.  Went by taxi - about 12 minutes out of town just 7 leva and asked him to come back for us, he didn't speak any English, so he phoned a friend who talked to us on the phone, much to our surprise he was waiting for us at the right time and was so grateful for a tip.  Taxis are really cheap. Town is quite modern but has the old side to it as well, lovely views, would recommend.

As an 'IT guy' from Holland i think the most IT activities, also where the multinationals settle them selves; Sofia.

I think every big city in Bulgaria offers enough changes in the IT business, i don't know much about Varna. Sometimes i see available IT position in Varna, thats all i know.

The vibe you are talking about is very personal, for me Sofia is not a place to be. But i think you will meet the most expats working online/remote in Sofia.

kristiann :

By the way, not shure if this is going to help, but here's how a vibe meter looks like:
[img align=vibe-meter][/url]

Thanks Kristiann, this was exactly wat i was looking for!  :top:

Lots of IT type businesses in Varna, both local and expat.  I have lived in Varna about 13 years now (originally from South Africa). 

Lovely vibe in the summer, winter can be abit dull but has a different kind of vibe...both have their charms.

Huge expat community...from Spanish, Argentinian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, name it...even 5 South African families here.  Bigger community in Sofia but I prefer the laid back provincial feel and of course the coast.

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