The best services to use when moving to the USA

Hello everyone,

What were the biggest hurdles you faced when moving to the USA? Were there any services available that helped?

Which services helped you most upon your arrival in the USA? Were there any that helped you adapt and integrate in your new home?

Are there any services that you wished were available when you moved to the USA?

Did you find the price of the different services available reasonable? Were there any that were overpriced, to your mind?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


When you move to US, getting the things such as renting a place, buying a car, buying insurances, buying cellphone plans, moving the stuff out of storage or move them into your house can be quite full of hassle.
If you can find service providers to handle these things before your arrival, that would be great. Please note that in US it is quite possible to get the services lined up and service providers sorted out before hand.
Hope this helps!

Find a good financial adviser and have a conversation about your current situation. The setup in the US is very different from the setup in other countries. In order to make informed decisions, you have to know how it works over here.


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