The best services to use when moving to Norway

Hello everyone,

What were the biggest hurdles you faced when moving to Norway? Were there any services available that helped?

Which services helped you most upon your arrival in Norway? Were there any that helped you adapt and integrate in your new home?

Are there any services that you wished were available when you moved to Norway?

Did you find the price of the different services available reasonable? Were there any that were overpriced, to your mind?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


1) For US expats needing  open a US Bank account ; try Everbank.  No US address is needed.
    Their main office is in Jacksonville Fla.  But they also have several other branch offices including     one in Ny, Ny. tele 24 hours 88 882 3837

2)  Help with Norwegian inheritance laws concerning my adult children who  were born and live in USA,

3) Any tips on filing Norwegian taxes when owning assets in US i.e. IRAs.

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