The best services to use when moving to Israel

Hello everyone,

What were the biggest hurdles you faced when moving to Israel? Were there any services available that helped?

Which services helped you most upon your arrival in Israel? Were there any that helped you adapt and integrate in your new home?

Are there any services that you wished were available when you moved to Israel?

Did you find the price of the different services available reasonable? Were there any that were overpriced, to your mind?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Shalom Priscilla,

I moved to Israel from the States several years ago with my Husband.

I had done a lot of research in finding a good relocation company.

Most were real Estate agents which I discovered then were kinda rude and not so caring.

However, I've finally stumbled across an amazing Relocation company named MomentumIsrael. (You can find them on Google)

They are an all English speaking company (which in Israel,most companies either speak broken English, or no English with a Mid-Eastern mentality)

These people at Momentum were not only very caring and informative, they offered almost every service, such as accommodation, Employment, Hebrew classes, Law Services, Furniture moving, storage, and delivery, and also social/volunteering programs.

What most impressed me Priscilla,  They found us an apartment in a matter of hours, helped us with movers and also referred us to a good Hebrew school.

I heard a lot of horror stories of people moving to Israel without any help , and I think a relocation service is a Must when moving to Israel.

I would highly recommend this company, MomentumIsrael to anyone who plans to relocate to Israel, they make everything a whole lot easier and smoother ;-)


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