The best services to use when moving to the Dominican Republic

Hello everyone,

What were the biggest hurdles you faced when moving to the Dominican Republic? Were there any services available that helped?

Which services helped you most upon your arrival in Dominican Republic? Were there any that helped you adapt and integrate in your new home?

Are there any services that you wished were available when you moved to the Dominican Republic?

Did you find the price of the different services available reasonable? Were there any that were overpriced, to your mind?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I actually entered the country as a tourist and decided to stay. To be exact my present wife made that decision for me. But this sudden move caused many problems with my bank in The Netherlands.
So whether you do it before you come to your new homeland or after, talk to your banks, at home, and in your new country. Many banks in the DR have a standing agreement with European banks, but those are mostly German. To resolve any problem if you are not from Germany, go and see someone at the office of the bank where you would use the ATM, introduce yourself and tell that person that you would want to continue using their services, even if you do not open an account. They will know you now and if you have any problem they will try to find a solution and put in a little more effort.
Only use an ATM that is inside a bank if you are alone.
Get a friend to stand in line behind you if you have to wait.
Never ever accept help from 'friendly' people at an ATM, if you have a problem, go see the staff of the bank.
Count the money you got from the ATM and put it and your debit or credit card away before you leave.
Be safe, Marinus

When I moved here there was not much abailable in terms of help to relocate, settle in or get legal.

Today we have this site which i am told really helps.

There are few relocation services outside the corporate world.

For me it was fly by the seat pants! Today i use all the experience to help others.

I know in the beginning I almost wore out the seat of my pants :D   But thanks to others including Planner things worked out just fine

Bob K

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