How to make friends in Moscow

Wow: sound interesting. This joint may be similar to what they have in Tokyo I guess. Conversation lounge. Where Japanese comes to meet foreigners to have few drink and natural way to practice and exchange language, views ,ideas of different countries. Been to few and meet many nice people ,local and Gaijin. I would very much like to know about this place in Moscow and other part of Russia. Planning to travel around Russia and Mongolia on backpack next month.
I would be delighted to know you as well. Please do reach me

cheers N have a nice day

Hi everyone,

What an acctual theme for me:) I'm in Moscow until 3 may, would like to explore Moscows live music bars, salsa places, clubs etc or just go out somewhere after working day. In other cities it's ok to go out for a girl alone, though in Moscow i felt a bit confusing walking along Novij Arbat alone:) so if someone is also seeking for company to go out - please write me ula.ambrasaite[at]

Or maybe there're already any alone-in-city gathering places? Would be nice to hear:)

Hi guys, is anybody out this week evenings to meetup ?

Hello to all

Just signed up here, and making my first post to get that 0 out of the way. Always looking to meet new people!

Thanks ,it sounds more encouraging for me to travel around Russia
pretty soon. would be nice to know you to start.

Hi! I would be glad to do excursions of any kind and show Moscow. I can do it in English and German.
If you are interested in it, you can contact me via e-mail. This is my email account: daniil.evseev[at]

Hey guys!! Must admit was so nice to read all the feedbacks about Russia and on how to make friends here. I agree with lots of you who said that people can seem really unfriendly here. Even I being a Russian started noticing it after living in the UK. But a good thing is that what you see on the surface is not always what it is in reality. I can understand what americans and europeans fell on seing these unexpressive faces. But yeh it's part of a culture but it doesnt mean those people are not nice. It takes time to get to know a person. Just be yourself and be positive about things.  As for me I live in Moscow and love meeting people from all over the world. So please feel free to contact me on zalina.kazieva7[at]

Great  to know that you are kind to assist.
I am Max from Malaysia will be travelling in Russia And Mongolia.Will be there tomorrow.
would be nice to know you to meet some nice Russians
Pls , you can reach me maxmagen[at]

Moscow is like any other metropoly,no special rules apply for Moscow,its a lovely place,friendly and fun loving people.You got to be little extrovert,confident and a little initiative will do the trick. Try this and you won't have dearth of friends,

Hi Oxa, yes I would recommend Papa's as well. Also for all you ZAR people who enjoy rugby check out Superbru website. Also there is a full English language radio station in Moscow. Been operating 6 months. 105.2 FM

Hi guys,

just arrived to Moscow. I would love to meet nice people to explore Moscow with.

If anyone is interested, please, let me know :).


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Hi to everyone!
I'm Russian, live in Moscow and try to study english. I search someone to practice my language. A little about me: I'm 23, friendly and  sociable person.
If you're looking for new contacts or you came to Moscow and haven't here many friends, write me.

Hi! I'm from Moscow. I'm 17 years old, speak English and German and Russian of course, it would be wonderful if we could meet, I can show you tourist attractions. If you are interested, please contact me: daniil.evseev[at] or call +7 916 495 00 72 . Waiting for your answer

We are playing volleyball at Park Gorkogo this Saturday at 12. I've reserved the spot for only one hour, but we can skate or bike later. Let me know if you are coming!
Come 15 mins early.


Hi Ruslan Sarakaev,

Can you please write in English so as all the members get to understand on the English Forum :) ?

Thank you for your understanding

Expat-blog Team

It's a name of the site, where many people communicate with each other.
But Ruslan made a little mistake, it would be correct to write "odnoklassniki" , or you can also visit the most popular russian site for communication - "vk".

I ma amirtehrooni

Hi amirtehrooni,

Please can you tell us more about yourself and how we can help? ;)

Thank you,


Hi my name is Helen and Welcome to Moscow)

Hi all!

I just quit my job and plan to take some time off so if anyone is interested in meeting up or finding a new friend, I am up for it!

I'm a Russian (although I look more like Korean) but I've been studying English for my whole life so if you speak either English of Russian, we'll be fine. Moscow is my city so I might show you around Moscow's center if you'd like (free of charge of course).

So you see, sometimes you don't have to look for friends. Sometimes friends start looking for you haha :)

Oh why did you quit your job? And what do you do?

Hi HelenLeah!

It is a great American company and I was in supply chain / customer service. But I wouldn't discuss my reasons at a public board :) Never know when a message like that is gonna fly back in your face :)

So if you or anyone else reading this is interested in some Moscow sight-seeing or something, PM me and we can hook up on vk/facebook/anything else to figure out next steps!


i love making friends

"Surprise your friends by not having any friends". :)
This is the problem. You make lots of friends and then you don't even know who your real friend is.


What is the link of the hospitality website you used?

Hi. My name is Yousef

I would like to have friends in Moscow. I speak English. some German and Arabic. If anyone is interested in meeting me I will be grateful


In order to have friends in Moscow (or wherever) take part in different interactive events. Join dancing school, running, roller, ... - clubs. There are lots of people who are looking for a friends too. 

Join our cooking classes: general[at]
Our aim is not the cooking at all. We would like people to make friends at our classes.
We run our classes in English.


Is it a website?

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Guys i want meet make friend in Moscow

Hi amazingplace,

Can you please tell us more about yourself for the members to know you better?

Are you already in Moscow?

Have a nice day,

Hasnaa Team

Hi! I'm from Moscow and looking for native English speaking family with kids 8 to 10 years old. My daughter is 10 and she'd like to practice her English.

Dear friend,

you are welcome for english language exercise ..

Hi, my name is Daryi. I live in Moscow. I’m looking for friends for friendship,  communication, hanging out, have a party, for  Fridays’ meeting in any cafe or clubs.I like English, as well I can speak with you in Russian if you study it. If people like this are exist, and they are looking for friends too, please let me know.

Hi guys!
Am planning for a trip to Russia roughly next year. Would like to meet new friends from Russia and to learn to speak Russian :)

Hi Reigh im Hussien from Egypt i will come to Russia after 1 month for work in painter or 3D Graphic i want call with anybody about something about my work in Russia
with my best regards

i love my work and make friends

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