How to make friends in Moscow

hahaha picnic sergio?... how did that go? did you get to have your picnic under the sun at +15 temp? something I learned after living here for 7 months; never trust the weather forecasters.

We'll have a chance to meet when summer comes :)

A good way to make friends is to go to a local expat meeting where you can hang out and talk with other expats in Moscow.

Check out this one below:

Join us Every Thursday at Tema Bar to hang out and talk with other Expats & Moscow newcomers.
Relaxed atmosphere, close to Metro Station, Cafe, Full Bar & Food with reasonable prices.
See the Tema Bar Google Places Page for directions, or visit expatclubmoscow. for more info. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 10pm at Tema Bar (Near Metro Chistye Prudy)
Address: Потаповский (Potapovsky Pereulok), Building 5 (One street down from Мясницкая (Mayasnitzkaya) St.)

Hello there! We are two siberian girls. Just moved to Moscow and looking for a new people here. We have a willingness to speak english. Maybe you know nice native speakers here. We love going to the cafes and parks:)
our e-mail: strela_anasko[at]
please contact us!

Hi Anasko!

Welcome on :)


Thank you very much. Well, I see that site works! Great!

Completely support Sergio's idea about picnic especially now when the weather is wonderful! Sergio, are you still in?

hi i am a doctor of medicine from pakistan coming soon to russia moscow in july. wana make russian a friend and meet u when i come there.

Hi naveedgp!

Welcome on board ;)


The best way to make friends is internet, I think. People meet in Internet specially to make friends, so you will not hear something like sorry, i'm in a hurry or excuse me, I don't speak English

ya u r right.

It is a very nice idea about picnic!
I'm Russian, living in Moscow, and I would love to make new friends in Moscow, expats in particular. If you go to some sort of meeting or picnic, please take us too. (Me and my husband). We are very friendly and positive people!

Hello everyone! I hope you've all made heaps of new friends by now and here's a tip on how to make even more. We've launched a blog dedicated to life in Moscow and we cover all sorts of various events and parties where you can potentially make friends among foreigners and Russians. Let's make the inernet a tool to find real friends!

regarding the picnic idea- Tsaritsyno (moderated: no free ads please) is wonderful for that. Grab some badminton rackets too! And make sure you mask any wine bottles you sneak in- it's illegal to drink in the streets ))

Hey everybody!
I moved from Germany to Moscow and I would like to meet people expats or drink a beer, make party :)

Eddy, 27 years

Hi there !

I'm in Moscow right now ! if some people are up for partying , I'm in ! and also if some people have flatsharing contacts, I'm in as well

I think flatsharing is one of the best ways to discover a country, make friends all in all make a wonderful expat stay !

hope to hear from you soon !


Hello everybody! I live in Moscow. I'm Russian. 'll be glad to get acquainted with you. I do not have a high level of English, but I'm sure that we will be able to spend time fun! Write to me!
My email: rozit[at]

I'll be glad to new acquaintances!

Hi Everyone,
If you're looking to meet people, come check out our weekly Expat meet. We have a new location (Help Bar - metro Belorusskaya - see below:

EXPATS THURSDAY WEEKLY MEET! Join us every Thursday to hang out with other expats and Moscow newcomers. 10 p.m. Help Bar, 27 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ulitsa, Bldg. 1, 2nd Floor. Metro Belorusskaya.


If you're looking to meet new people, maybe you'd be interested in our expat meeting, 10pm at Help Bar (right near Metro Belorusskaya). If you need directions, call or text me at 8(915)007-8982.
Hope to see you there!

... so hard to make new friends...
especially when you are talking in different languages...But why shouldn't we try??? Join us this Sunday, October 9 at 12:00 (Building 21 (2nd Entrance, 2nd Floor)
Souschovskaya Street).

Speaking RUNGLISH, meeting amazing people and making new friends!

It's not ad. Just the group of Russian students and either the international group of British university students will be meeting together to get acquainted with each other!
So if you really want, you can join us :)

Armand :

Hi and welcome on board bellmoun!

I would suggest you to have a look at our American expatriates network in Moscow where you can make many contacts ;)

Hi Axel1869 and welcome to :)

I think this is a good excuse to organise a meeting in Moscow ;) You just need to find a date and venue then create a new thread on the Moscow forum ;) Keep us posted!


If you decide to make this just let me know i would liekto join or help to organise this event - as i live here all my life i know many cool places to go!

my name is gamal nickname is kimo i am from egypt i have girl friend from moscow but she use to live with me in egypt in sharm el shakh for 2 years and now we come to moscow but she come befor me and she found job and i just come now to moscow to try to live here but i have no one here and she have no friends because she use to live with me for 2 years and she do her best to dont make me feel bored but i dont like to see her go work and come stay with me thats too much for her and i want find something to do she at work . thanx for reading this :)

You need to find friends and drink vodka. Where do you live? You rent apartment?

Hello,I,m also so interested to have frnd from all around the world. Pls make me happy to have sweet mail from u frndzzz. here my mail id "shopnochari[at]"



Moscow Malina :

It is a very nice idea about picnic!
I'm Russian, living in Moscow, and I would love to make new friends in Moscow, expats in particular. If you go to some sort of meeting or picnic, please take us too. (Me and my husband). We are very friendly and positive people!

Hello dear Malina, I agree with u & also want to invite with ur husband. All frndz need to have wide mind . Am I right ???  :)
Here my email- "shopnochari[at]"

We can share our words each other.

Take care.


davidthornton :

With all these techniques, of course be careful, be alert and safe. Use common and not so common sense.  Trust is good, but you can find yourself in a bad situation fast if you are too trusting and miss danger signals.  Likewise, do not appear to forward and give off danger signals :D guys.

I was wondering David what dangers you are referring to here. I saw a similar posting further below and am interested in gaining from your experience so far. Some examples would be nice.
All the best.

Hi all!! I'm russian and i live in Moscow, will be happy to get involved)) in any discussion, meeting or even picnic:) with new interesting people.
Well, my name is Adel, nice to get to know you)

Hello!  I'm living in Moscow and would like to make new freinds:)   Let me know, if you need a guide or just come to Moscow!  my e-mail: snezhana.lo[at]

Hi, the best way to find friends - is through  langauge exchange, it's both fun and useful. I know a website, they organise regular meetings as well)

Anybody want to join me and visit museum or exhibition on Sat 11 Feb?

Hello everyone!
I'm from Moscow.
In this forum, I'm looking to meet new people for friendship and communication.
My hobby is photography. I like to walk in Moscow and its environs.

Aleksey. (aleksei.bondarenko[at]

Hi, everyone!
I'm Russian and live in Moscow.
Recently I've been studying English and now I desperately need practice in the language.
In return you will receive a free and easy-going guide who can show you around Moscow, give you a lot of usefull information about my city and show you a great number of beautiful and old places in the centre of the capital.
looking forward for your replies

xfactor2000 :

Hi there!

By being a Russian myself, I think I could be useful with this.

I believe the main principle that works in Moscow as well as everywhere else is to be bold and to act by yourself.

It's very easy to get lost in such a big place like Moscow, but you've gotta overcome the "paralysis" stage and use all the opportunitites you can!

Friends invited you over to a party? Don't be shy, join the fun! You'll meet so much more good people!

Don't speak Russian that well? No worries, you can still have a good company, as there are loads of English-speakign Muscovites these days!

The important part is - you gotta act on principles. Don't be afraid to have your opinion and speak it out. Don't try to "adapt" to other people just because you're new in Moscow - have some "backbone", Russians respect that deeply! I guess the same applies for your entire life - but that's a different story.

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Hi all!I am Russian, but now I am expat and living outside of Russia. Regarding to find friends in Russia it's very easy,especcialy in Moscow, just go in some club, I can advise you good place, for instance mexican restoran
"pancho vill", it's really nice and you can find there as forieners, as a Russian nice girls-))Go ahead.But as it has been mentioned here, be careful as well

hi to everyone

Hello semogonzalez.

Can you please introduce yourself? :)

Thank you,

welcome Russian friends

I am SOOOOO In, lets do this! Could someone let me know when where and what time. Thanks :D

can we be friend

Hi Eyeonpatient and welcome to expat-blog!

I suggest you introduce yourself so than the other members can get to know you ;)

You are also welcome to create a new thread on forum Moscow for your questions.


Hi everybody! I'm currently in Moscow! Let's be friends! Come on!! :)) and help me with my Russian language too.. =_= I'm bad at it.

feel free to contact me (^_^)

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