working in France without a Visa

I'm an Aussie looking to live in France permanently, they told me I can't get a Visa to work in France unless I have a contract with a French company, problem is I can't get a job without a Visa or being an EU Citizen, what should I do??

Are you fluent in French and what is your trade?

No, but I'm learning, slowly.... I work in Childcare....

Unless you are super specialised in a trade and that you are not fluent in French it is going to be pretty impossible for you to find a job. Childcare is covered very well in France, and as neighbouring countries don't need visas the industry is saturated already.

Ok so, instead of a long stay Visa, should I try for a tourist Visa first?? & do you know how much is required in my account before I can get one?
My French boyfriend & I want to get married, so I'm still confused as to what I should do

Information on Visa can be found HERE

Once you are married to a French national, you can get a visa (from your French consulate in Australia). This will allow you to work.

I am from the United States and would like to live in France but I am having the same issue...I can't get a job without a visa and I can't get a visa without a there a long stay visa where you don't need a job initially but can still get a job while in the country?

I am facing the same problem. I can't find a company willing to sponsor visas. Good luck and keep me posted!!

Wait until after you are married. That's what I had to do!  I'm a US citizen. 
You can get a job with papers after that.

Well it's pretty much the case for many countries. When I went to the US, I had to get a job first in order to get the visa.
If you find it difficult on your own, some agencies have listings and hire international people for short term contracts like a year or so.
It gives you some time to experience the country and try to extend your stay, find a new contract in case you want to stay.
Those agencies exist for Frenchies who want to intern or work abroad so I'm pretty sure it does exist the other way around. Or agencies in Australia as well. Good luck !

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