Looking to learn Spanish

Hey there, I'm currently looking for a native Spanish tutor to teach me Spanish. I'm 28 living in the 5th settlement.


Hi K_Kamel and welcome on board.

Please drop an ad in the Language classes in Sharm el Sheikh to increase your chances of finding spanish tutor.


Sarvesh team

Good morning. I can't find the thread I was about to post to (had to join), but I noticed your April post re: tutor. I've translated professionally, and moreover, my degree is not in literature. I'm fluent in 8-9 languages, however. I'm willing to field any questions. Learning any language is like learning music. How people can remember some horrid rap song and not decline verb x escapes me. Think about that for a bit. Ahí está la clave.

Hello, you teach Spanish somewhere near downtown?

I'm not in the country, but I wanted to offer advice. Of course I'd be willing to answer any question. There is a lot you can do without paying to learn. There are people who will just speak to you for free on google, Skype, WhatsApp , and the rest. I do not live there, but inshAllah . My analogy to music I think is apt. You want to play guitar and come to me and I teach you to put your fingers in a washing that a chord sounds. Play every other white key on a real or virtual piano. I took 50 euros from you to show you what you could have read in a book. I'm 12 hrs behind you on the West Coast of the US. I'd gladly explain "my method" which is not mine at all. Whatever you choose, the simplest suggestion would be to start with food. We need to eat. We like to eat. The words repeat, and are on your mind quite a bit. If you feel you need to sit with someone for the discipline of going to a class or tutor., then this is a different matter. The ability to learn on your own is essential.

At the very least I could recommend a book. Getting lost in grammar is the road to frustration. I avoided verb tense with regards to quite a few languages, and simply told the person with who I was speaking "past subjunctive" or whatever. It seems counterintuitive not to learn every verb form, but unless one uses it, the brain does not recall. A word learned 12 hrs before sleep is not going to be retained as readily as one learned 3 hrs before, unless for 12 hrs it was in constant use. Bathroom is hard to forget for this reason. Accident (if somebody smashed your car) oh, that will be really easy.

Am looking for a spanish tutor too ...any help?

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