I need advice to live in Morocco

Hello everyone,
I'm​ planning on leaving the EU to live in a cheaper and more friendly place. I have three countries in my mind, but I can't set my choice on one of them, so I hope to find the answers I need to make the best decision.
1/ I wish to be a self entrepreneur in Marroco, is it better to open a shop, a guest house or an online shop for someone with a small budget?
2/ What kind of business is booming in Marroco these past years? 
3/ What's​ the best thing to sell online these days? 
4/ I had in mind the city of Tanger, is it a good choice to open a business or some are not available for foreigners?
5/ I've noticed online that the price of the real estate increased these last two years, is it the same price in the real estate agencies as well? I mean is it the same price for Maroccans?
7/ Is it better to open a business from scratch or to buy one for sale?
I'll be glad and thankful if someone could answer all these questions.
Thank you

Hi, I just moved to Morocco, and your post comes in time for I am also interested in knowing all the answers to your above mentioned questions. So I look forward to answers from other members.

Thanks and have a good day.


As a moroccan interested in news, Business News, evolution of Houses prices,...
To tell you the truth now it's not easy to do any bussiness. I don't say that to disappoint you but only to give my opinion.
It's true the prices of houses have become little cheaper may be cost on average less 5% if i can say.
But the question asked is why? 
The answer there's no enough money, there are no many buyers.
But may be later things will change . After this good agricultural year and the improvement of tourism,..we can hope the best.   


I don't understand, online the price of the real estate increased not became cheaper. And what do you mean by the business is not good? Would you explain please

Well, me i notice too that the real estate not became cheaper  especially in some biggest cities like the Capital Rabat. But when we take enough our time looking for good deals we can find somtimes our goal if we are lucky of course and ready to pay in cash.   
Then when i said business now is not good i talk about this difficult period of the crisis.
To open a shop for business is not easy because there are many shops every where, a big competition with super markets which are now present even in the center of the cities. 
Any way if you are interested to do this business in Tanger you have to visit it and sûre in this period of the visit you will have a good idea for the future project.

Do you mean that it's not a good time to open a business now in Morocco? Not even an online one?

If you have the intention to open this Business On a line. You're going to start your Business with a small budget and less risk. Why not trying to have that experience which cost not too Expensive.

Like what? What's the best thing for sale this year?

It's me who was going to ask you this question because i know you have first an idea what to sell. But me sincerely no precise idea.

Well I  thought of a cosmetic site, creams, whitenings, etc... Or a shop, restaurant, guest house. what's working nowadays?

Well, thinking to manage a Restaurant, GuestHouse is a very goog idea. You have to look for the local which is adapted to your small budget. I advice you to take enough time for this operation so that you can fin a good local for the best price. Then your start your business slowly step by step.
Don't hésitate for any other information you need. Even if you want to send me a Mail in a private ( i don' t know ). No problem.

I don't know how to send a private message.

So I would like to make a point to be sure I've got everything right. You said that now it wasn't easy to do any business, then you said that it was a good idea to open a restaurant or a guest house but not a shop due to the fact that there are plenty already.   Second, you said that the real estate IS actually more expensive than last year and third, you said it wasn't too good to open an online shop from the beginning but why? don't people buy stuff online?

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you're not obliged to contact me in private only if you want that.

I said it's not easy to do business now because it's a difficult time it's true i said that generally. And if you have the intention to open a restaurant, a guest house i said it' a good idea but that dosen't mean it will be a sûre sucess. It depends on you, on your managing, you luck, the improving of the Economic Environnement ( Tourism, Business, ...). That for me i find it much better than selling stuff in a shop.
For the real Estate it's difficult to say exactly if the prices have gone up or down. It depends in which city, area,...But what i wanted to say is on line we notice generally the prices are High that's all.
At last for selling stuff on line is something which begins to be used in Morocco but i think only for i few people. I hope i have answered your questions

Thank you very much

What about import-export?  Is there something important which could be exported in the EU?

Sûre there are many things which can be imported from EU to Morocco: Equipements, machines,...That requires a special marketing and experience in this Field.
And know i think my turn has come to ask you some questions. 
As you are an Europeen from Spain i think. Is not interesting to invest there? I want to say is not easy to have a guest house for example and you can benefit of the potentiel of Tourism which has been improved and developed there using the Internet site AirBnb for renting on line.

Of course it's interesting to invest here! (if you're rich) but as a simple employee who has lots of expenses and who rents an apartment, not really no. I have enough of my daily routine, I need a more quiet life with better people.
So is it a good idea to make an import export business? Does it work even with the crisis? Is it better our worst than an online shop?

But i see in milanuncios the spanish web site that it  still exists appartements for sale which are not expensive for +/- 20 000 Euros. Isn't that interesting for some one to plan a project with small budget. I'm asking you because even me i think sometimes for a project in the south of Spain for a guest house for example with a small budget.

For Import/Export of course it is more important than on line shop. It's an ambitious project. But as i told you i have no experience in this Field.

As I told you, I prefer to have my own business in a much cheaper and different kind of life. I still have 3 countries in my mind.

Thanks anyway for all the information.

Hello my friend . You should not get in in any business. You cant compete with local people who know better their cultures and their customers. You need to get in something where you will add a value as a foreigner. What do you do in E U  ?

Secretary, but now I hate that job

Are you actually a woman ?

A man can be Secretary a well you know?

The Pope's Secretary is a man

I am not referring to your job but about the move you want to make . Going to a complete new country without no serious plan requieres a lot of audacity and women are usually risk averse.

So do you have any advice

Beside the secretary job do you have other experiences ? Do you know other skills ?

No but I intend to change job drastically

If i were in your place i will try to use the specific skills that i have in a job. As far as i know you look pretty fluent in english and you are a native spanish.So maybe teaching spanish is a good option. As for business i think that its not realistic to come here to start a small business. The locals  have problems doing that.

What about an online shop? Do people shop online?

yes some people do in Casablanca but there is campanies already established with tens of people in staff who serves them. What will you bring to the table ?


this is your competition :


do you have a facebook or something else , talking here is kind of slow

It's slow because I'm busy. Thanks I'll look into it

cool my friend. But come on you are a secretary who want to sell cosmetics .... You must be a woman. In this case , just marry somebody (just kidding)

Wrong guess

I am just kidding...I sympatize with you this is a bad economy. I am an engineer and i had a rough time with the market . But you got to do what you got to do. Keep the high spirit. And If you dont have faith in God its a good time to start.

I'll remember that thank you.
Hmmm, you said that the economy is bad, does that mean there is less income for everybody and doing business there at this time isn't a really good idea?

The economy is bad globally....Thats what i mean. People are struggling to find job everywhere.

Yes I see, that means less customers....
Thank you for all the information, I think I can study the case better now.

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