Looking for work in Norway, especially Oslo, from outside EU

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a job in Norway, especially Oslo. I've been checking out all the important and official links offered in the forums. However, since I live in Turkey, a country outside the EU zone, I appreciate
any tips that can help me differentiate my CV and make me a more attractive candidate.

While I'd love a writing/editing/social media or an English teaching job, I'm open to any job that I might
be qualified for. Here's a bit about my expertise:

I'm an experienced freelance writer and a CELTA-certified ESL (English as a second language) teacher. I have a BA in Advertising, and a second BA in Business. I have held various sales and marketing internships and one full-time sales job. Since 2009, I've worked as a freelance writer and teacher. I'd love to find freelance positions, but I'm more than open to full-time office jobs.

I'm currently learning Norwegian, but it is at a beginner level. I speak English perfectly, Turkish is my
native tongue, and I know Italian at an Intermediate level.

I lived and studied in Norway for 9 months when I was in college. I've visited many times since then. Cultural adaptation is not a problem.

I appreciate your tips!

Takk!! :)

Hi Pinar Tahan,

Have you tried the Jobs in Oslo section? You can create your CV there to increase your chances of getting in touch with potential recruiters.

Best of luck in your future endeavours. :)


Sarvesh team

Hi unfortunately unless you have a good written and spoken knowledge of the Norwegian language would be difficult to find anything in your field right now

Alternatively you can contact who is a cleaning company and would be able to offer you some work on the meantime

This cn be a good conference for moving on to your desired career

If you are struggling to buy good and or clothes
Please feel free to go tho Fatihuset  who distributes free food and clothes  on Mondays Tuesday and Fridays

Hi Sarvesh,

Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know if it is okay to create more than one? I created one when I first joined the site, but since my job experience is varied, I didn't want my CV to be confusing.

Thanks again.

Hi Eleda,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be working on my Norwegian in the meantime.

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