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Hi there,

I'm a keen club runner and participate in the odd triathlon too. I've recently moved to Mauritius and want to find out if there are any running clubs in the North of the island?

If not, I'd be keen to connect with anyone who is training for a marathon/half-marathon or an iron man and is looking for training partners.

I'd be happy to organize a training group if there are enough interested parties.

If anyone can provide advice or guidance it will be much appreciated.


Yo Shaun!

I'm also a triathlete and am coming to Mauritius for a month June 1 - July 1 and staying around Grand Baie area. Would be cool to have a partner to go on some open water swims?


Of course. I'm still exploring, but should have some great routes by then.

Just drop me a line before you get here.

I participated in an epic open water swim this morning. Just a couple of meters above the coral.

So while you are racing you get to check out the beautiful fish below. Beats pool swim training!

Sounds fantastic. I'll hit you up when I get in then. Would love to have some guys to train with.

Hello Shaun, I have been at Mauritius for last 3 weeks, live and work now here.
I have just signed and lived at Grand Baie. So am I now ready to restart trainings.

I have started triathlon in September (before I rowed for 7 years at good level in France).

- Run: I am not so good to run, but would be glad to organize some runs together. Most of all, I do want to trail running the weekends (I made twice the Morne), and look for running in other moutain places.
- bike: I am looking for road cycling groups as I brought my bike (favourite sport!)
- Swim: I do from 2 to 3 times a week closed to my job.

Awaiting your reply :)

Add me, or text me on whatsapp: ***


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