Celta qualification in English teaching name is Jacqui, I'm Irish and I've just qualified with a Celta qualification in English teaching! I'm hoping to move to France soon so if anyone can offer any advice I would be very grateful! I'm hoping to move to Brittany but I'll consider other options also!
Thanks so much guys for any help you can give!
Jacqui 😊

Hi Jaqui, I am in Pas de Calais Boulogne sur mer old town which is lovely if you want to say hello. I can get the train from Calais Frethun and back in London in 1 hour.

cheers Steve

Hi Steve 😊 thanks for getting in touch! It's nice to meet you! Have you been long in France ? Maybe you can give me some advice?

I have spent a lot of time in France including Brittany. Are you going to buy a place or rent? Ask any questions you want. Do you know much about Brittany and why there?


I like Brittany as it was the first place I travelled to years ago! I've just qualified in Esl teaching so  I'd like a permanent move! I would like to buy eventually as I own a house here in Ireland but maybe stay with a friend there for a while first to see how it works out! How can I start applying to language schools? I'm very grateful for any help..its a big move I realise but I'm sure it will work out!

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