visiting netherland from india

My name is mansur. I'm a freelancer. And I have invitation letter from my friend who living in netherland. What are the more documents to get visa to visit nederland?

Hi Mansur and welcome to the Forum. :)

As an Indian citizen, you can visit The Netherlands for up to 90 days without a visa; the following information is from the Dutch IND website:

IND website :

Even though you do not need a visa, you may be checked at the border by the Aliens Police (AVIM) to see if you meet the conditions for entry and stay in the Netherlands. They could ask you for the following documents:

A valid travel document, for example a passport.

Supporting documents that show your travel purpose. For example a reservation for a hotel or other accommodation; or an invitation letter of the person you are going to stay with.

Documentary evidence showing you have sufficient financial means for your stay in the Netherlands, the transit and/or the return trip. For example one or more bank statements, traveller's cheques or cash. Your sponsor in the Netherlands may be asked to sign a proof of sponsorship at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

A copy of the proof of a travel medical insurance.

Documentary evidence that show you have sufficient reasons to return to your country or origin or of residence. For example:

        An employer's declaration.
        Proof of enrolment at a school of your school-aged children.
        Proof of ownership of your own house and/or other immovable property.

An option on or a (provisional) reservation of a return ticket.

Hope this helps.

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