need to find someone that can redo my samples and manufatures on bali


I'm on bali to redo some clothing samples. afterwards if the results are good, i need to do production.
I'm struggling finding someone that is honest and that can redo my samples for resonable prices.

I need to redo my samples that allready been made while i was living in greece.. I mostly need to change the fabrics and a few details.. also the size/fitting .. i have everything from beachwear/swimwear to dresses, trousers, tops etc. I mostly want to work with organic fabrics: linen, silk, bamboo and hemp. does anyone have any expirence or know of anyone that could help me achieve my goals. I'm also looking for manufatures that  allows small quanties of each design and od course i want the high quality products. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Hello Cathlin,

Are you looking to sell locally or export your products?
We have a lot of good experience trying to find materials at Jalan Sulawesi near Pasar Badung in Denpasar,
But if you need cheaper Materials you may want to look to Java, also for good patterns Sidoharjo is a place to look.
For raw materials I am not sure, sorry.
My wife has a talent for making clothes (almost all the trousers I wear are mad by her)
but we are soooo busy at the time.
If we meet somebody suitable we will direct him/her to you.

Good luck with your project
Have a good day

Hi, I am based in Australia but work with local makers and factories in Bali. We have a fulltime production manager located in Bali. Please email me xxx

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