Post Brexit potentials

Now that Britain voted to leave the EU by just a margin last year, what are the possibilities of potential expats still moving to Malta without the need of applying for a work residence permit?  Visited Cyprus in February March and last visited Malta in November 2015. My next visit to Malta will be in early October I'll be staying in Pembroke. Out of the two I prefer Malta although smaller there seems to be more going on.

you're still EU with all the same benefits for the next 2ish years. 

No details yet on what will happen between Malta and UK wrt expats after the exist date
yet, one assumes/hopes they will have a agreement based on commonwealth ties but its all speculation at this point.

I hope people can opt for associate membership.  In which you pay a fee each year or something.  It keeps the Brexit erstwhile happy and the would be expats happy 😊

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