Moving from Lebanon to Cyprus


I am a new member on expat, and i'm looking for some information about relocating to Cyprus.

ask specific questions an others may be able to help you

Hello Toon,

I actually just started think about this matter "moving to Cyprus for real" and i really don't know where to start Maybe i could start with some information about:

-The cost of Living (taxes, rentals fees...)
-is it better to rent or to buy
-Job opportunities

in very simple terms
cost of living depends entirely on your eating drinking and socialising habits as well as whether you need a car etc whether you are single married have kids etc   so thats a difficult one to generalise for you - somethings are expensive some things are cheap  but for us its swings and roundabouts

id always suggest to the new arrival to rent first to ensure the area and property you choose is right for you as things change over time

jobs here can be difficult to find not to mention secure getting one, it also depends on your skill sets and how flexible you are or can be to work.... Paphos is mainly seasonal tourism related work-  Larnac Limassol and Nicosia are the main business areas

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