Beware of Scammers

Many people become victims of these African scams, not just locals but also expats. They create fake profiles pretending to either be a European expat living in Malaysia or a local Malaysian, using false names, pictures & identities. I've seen some people that fall victims to these scams, by giving a large sum of money & providing their details.

You will be surprised, these victims are usually senior people, not necessary youngsters that usually make mistakes. These scammers misuse their student visa's for wrong purposes & all the illegal activities going on in Malaysia. Even in bars & clubs they are there for bad intentions, usually targeting young females by pretending to be very nice but they only want for sexual purposes & they also drug the drinks. Ladies, be aware.

They try to target me once on Facebook & once here on, but I outsmarted them. I already knew it was a Nigerian scam. That's the truth, sadly it happens a lot.

Just advising, be careful . Stay safe of your surrounding. Taxi's drivers & snatch theft also be aware.

Any scam attempts here should be reported immediately so they can be removed as quickly as possible.
That goes for forum posts and PMs.

I remove lots of them every day as do all members of the various teams but there's always one more.

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