Pregnant and travel to Netherlands

Hi I am Sjoerd, a Dutch guy.

My girlfriend is Kenyan, and now pregnant. Last time she visited me she became pregnant.
Now I would like here to come over to The Netherlands again for 3 months.

Last time she came we had an Insurance for health by company OOM. But in their policy they mention they don't cover pregnancy.

She will be here but the baby will be born in Kenya.

Does anybody has info on which Insurance company will cover pregnancy for invited people.
Can be an health Insurance from Kenya for people traveling abroad, or an invitee Insurance from another company that will cover travelling to The Netherlands.

Thanks in advance

Some medical insurers in Kenya, will cover clients for up to 90 days in another country.  AAR is one of these.  However, they are very careful about 'pre existing conditions' and covering them.  You would need to check this out.

We have investigated the AAR.
Unfortunately they also don't cover it.

Now went with Allianz, they do cover unforseen issues that are related to pregnancy as well.

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