Meeting New friends.

I would like to meet friends. I live on a compound were the only way I can get around is to walk or bus schedule. Would like to meet some new people to make friends, if interested let me know.  I am currently in Tabuk. There are some things to do on the compound swimming, working-out, playing tennis, basketball, walking.

I really got exited with the idea of MEATING new friends. Sorry :dumbom:

I am interested if this 'meating' thing is different than 'meeting'.

Well I never said I wanted to meet new people to have a spelling B.
Sorry I was a little tired and bored when I posted this.

Still in Tabuk is there anyone near by that would like to do something?

I'm in abha City if you visit my city contact with me👍

Would love to thanks for the invite

We can meet if you are in Riyadh

Thank you for the offer but i am not in Riyadh

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