Car Total Loss after Accident

My car was declared total loss after the accident by Malath Insurance. I took the car on lease from Arab National Bank the remaining were 7 Installments. Insurance said they will send the cheque to the bank and bank will settle the amount with the customer (me)

I got some queries;
So shall I continue paying my installments ?
Can someone please help me the what payment I will receive from Bank?

Appreciating any help and suggestions



I have a car accident with total loss and they told me that insurance will pay the value of the car before the accident and I have to finish the remaining installments.

Can you update us what happened in your case, how much you got?


Continue to make your payments.
The bank will credit your account and if any balance is leftover they will put in your account. If there is still money owing you will need to pay the remaining owing.

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