Trying to find a place to rent for my dog and myself.


my name is Alex and I am Italian. I have recently moved to Gent and I am trying to find a place to rent for my dog and myself. It's being extremely difficult to even get to visit a place, once I tell them about my dog, they instantly say no. I would be willing to pay an extra deposit for her if required. If anybody knows about some place, please let me know. I am honest and very respectful.
Once I get this done, I would like to meet new friends 😁

Have a nice day you all!

Hi Ale Ginger,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members provide you their feedback, i suggest you drop your own "looking for" advert in the Housing in Ghent section of the website. Pen down your requirements so that you get offers pertaining your search.

All the best,

Sorry that no one was able to help!

However I have to ask, were you able to find accommodations for yourself and your dog? This is one thing I am worrying about myself in my situation.

Hi Alex,
Are you still looking for an appartment or house in Ghent?
Maybe I could help.
Greetings Anna

I am for myself, my dog, and my wife, but I will be moving in the wintertime.

Is there any help available then? :)

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