Living in Poland as an Muslim with kids

Hi all,

My name is Nurul, I'm from Malaysia. I'm currently in the midst of negotiating the employment offer in Warsaw. I've made my research about the salary range and also basic/average cost of living in Poland.

But I'm not quite sure the environment living in Poland as a Muslim with kids. I presume the Islamophobia sentiment might still tight within the society.
Any suggestion about the place that I should survey to rent a room (to begin with before I bring along my children) in a community that is possibly OK,easy for Halal/vegetarian/Asian food?

Again just to give some comfort of assurance, I presume salary range within 7,000 is sufficient for an expat?

Thanks in advance for all the comments and opinion.

I don't think you should move to Poland it's not really a Muslim country and you'd just be taking a risk going there.  It's not Muslim friendly. just my two cents.

Well, Poland is definitely not Muslim friendly -- you'll see a lot of "No to Islamofascism" and "No to Islamizacja Europa" and you will get a lot of unfriendly stares if you wear a hijab.

No one is going to physically attack you and if you don't wear a hijab but dress normally, people will have no problem with your features or color of your skin.

There is no mosque in most of the main cities so that may also be a factor in your decision

For me, if you are with your kids and want to work, it's ok. Better then Ukraine population.
But mostly people are unfriendly.

I have been living in Łódź for more then a year and found it very good for me, found no racism for muslims, halal meat is easy to get at an Indian Grocery shop owned by some people from Pakistan called Desi Polska, they have a variety of halal meat products and Indian grocery so I go there often, there is a mosque in Łódź And Warsaw but in Warsaw I have heard of racism with Muslims whereas people of Łódź Are more welcoming, if you want to shift then Łódź will definitely be the best option for you I think

Ok so those who said Poland is not Muslim friendly.. so what about Hungary then? is it good for Muslims? :/

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