Single mum moving to Dubai

Hey ,
I have been offered a job in Dubai ( office in near DIFC) and doing some research on housing and schooling. Any suggestion where would be the best place to life for a single working mum , my child is 7yrs. Idyll we would like some place with small garden . Which areas you would recommend
Thanks ;)

there are few good communities. al barsha, t-com, gardens, JLT, JBR marina, these are accessible from metro. let me know more in detail.

Thanks !!!  Al Barsha was on my list :)
would you know how long more or less it may take me to drive in pick times to Emirates Towers
My thinking is to apply for school near work so we could cut some time on driving all over the place
I have been reading that traffic can be very bad in Dubai - is that the case


Hi will take you 20 mins

i dont think that schools in the same area. this will difficult. school will provide transportation if its suites you.

Thanks guys that's a great help.

you are welcome. have a good care  and enjoy the day each moments.

It would be Al Safa area which will suit your requirement & proximity to your working place


I also have a son who is 7 and I’m moving to Dubai. Can you tell me how you managed to work it out? how do you find someone to watch him when your working?


Since your child is 7 years old, you should send him to school & rest can be sort it out provided I know more about you & your circumstances

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