How do they treat workers in Costa Rica

I'm a Hispanic guy who worked on computers for a long time, but my foot got broken up a bit.  I am wanting to move to Costa Rica.  How do they treat the workers there in places like medium size businesses, like Call centers with 500 employees or like for companies like HP? Are there any businesses small to med size businesses with like 100 employees that could benefit from a good IT Tech?  Would there be a need for local Internet over a home antenna?  Like here a guy setup a business  that offered the local farmers internet, phone, and TV where the cable company and phone company would cost too much.  It wasn't like Satellite, but a person could rent a service and a tech would install an antenna that connected to a tower and the person could get Internet, TV and phone service where it was prohibitive any other way.  A person could fax from the farm.  I'd like to retire later, but it would be nice to live in a nice country.  Can you tell me the cost of groceries, apartments, etc and if it is a nice place to live?

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For some general advice, maybe you could go through the different threads of the Costa Rica forum to begin with.  You will find most of the answers to your questions . It will help you get feedback and other information.  Especially as it relates to your ability to obtain work here.

Re internet connections for remote locations.  The easy answer, yes, it is needed in a big way; however, it's not that simple here.  Compared to the States, internet connectivity is slow in CR and if you're not in a larger city, your options are limited.  There is one company here who is working on getting satellite connections for remote areas.  He's been trying to get it set up for several years.  Our options for satellites is not what it is in the States - very limited.  It may be something worth your looking in to.

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YES! There is a big need for internet in the back country here! Many people in the campo have internet but it's either not reliable (due to weather etc) or it's slow. Many people are paying for 2 mbps but getting 1/2 to 1mpbs. Or they are paying for 5 but getting 2.  The ISP's oversell their servers so when too many people are on the net, the connection can slow to a crawl. Kolbi, ICE, Claro, as far as I know - they all have unreliable connections, at least on some areas.

The idea of hooking up a service and relayer antennas would be fantastic and if you could get the government to let you do it, you'd surely make good money doing it. IF...

As to the cost of living there is a thread on that already here, check it out and then ask any further questions you have there.

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