Unifi promotions

I am now ready to join broadband.
But on the TM website, their price is 199 for 30mb
On another website (, the price is 179 for 30mb
Are these trustable or authentic prices?

Else, anyone can help with where I can get a better deal than 199?
Thanks a lot!!

Hey there @aawun

Imran here.

First up, Unifi's 30Mbps package is RM199/month. There was a promotion at the end of last year where if you subscribed early it would be RM179/month. But this offer ended on 31st December 2016. So it's back to normal.
Here's the one and only site you should trust for Unifi.

As for cheaper, there are options. With Maxis they have plans ranging from RM139/month(10Mbps) to RM299/month(100Mbps). Check it out. … ehome.html

Unless you leave in an expensive condo, then your only choice and actually the best and cheapest choice is TIME Fiber. 100Mbps for RM150 or slightly less.

TIP: All fiber optic infrastructure in Malaysia is built and owned by TIME (a company), then came Unifi so TIME just sold some of their technology to TM (company that owns/provides Unifi). And finally Maxis, Unifi bought out whatever TIME had to offer so Maxis had to buy from TM. So when you hear that Maxis Fiber had horrible customer service, it's because when you complain to Maxis, if they can't fix the issue they then have to contact TM to get the issue resolved and so on.

In general, if your place supports Maxis it supports Unifi. But if supports Unifi it doesn't necessarily have Maxis.
As for TIME, like I said, condominiums especially the higher end ones, nowhere else.

Cheers and hope this helps. ✌

Thanks, this is very detailed and insightful, not only for me, but for any foreigners or expats who just arrive here. Much appreciated.  As I live on landed, I will stick with Unifi most probably.

You're most welcome, best of luck and glad to help.  :D

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