Todos Santos or San Luis del Cabo vs Cabo

I like the idea of having services nearby and a walkable layout.  But I can see that renting furnished digs with the trappings of Internet broadband (I need this for business, not recreation) would raise the COL of living considerably.  So, those of you who chose west and north (Todos Santos) or east and north (Cabo corridor), would like to know if you've found the COL more tolerable compared to Cabo.  I have been in San Luis and La Paz, but never Cabo or Todos Santos. Thanks

Hi, for your information there is a discussion call if I have it right "Cost of living 2017".

Also, here is a link that could help you, it covers all countries and cities.

You  can compare two cities within Mexico. … Comparison

Buena suerte, GyC.

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