Multiple Rentry Visa Bahrain

Hi guys, been offered a job in Bahrain and my fiancé is coming with me as a tourist. Will only be there a year. I've been advised that she can stay for 90 days at a time then leave and return. Just wondered is this a high risk strategy to leave for a day then come back?

It is a common thing many people do it, check the type of e-visas available in the below mentioned link … &A0S=a


Assuming your fiancé is also a Brit, she can get a 90 day visa on arrival at Bahrain airport, which can be extended for a month at the NPRA office downtown, without having to leave the country, however at the end of that extension she will have to fly out and back to get another 90 visa on arrival. My wife did this for 3 years with no problems  :top:

I'm French & going to Bahrain to develop in Bahrain & Saudi my company which is not yet based in Bahrain. (my working contract will still be a French contract so far)

First topic concerns my Russian girlfriend (Russian nationality) who will go with me.
Can you advise if we can follow the same tip as described above?
Meaning, she enters with a 90 day Tourist Visa that can be extend onsite? and them she goes to Dubai and comes back with a new 90 day Touris Visa?
If yes, can you advise :
- if she should apply online or at arrival ?
- if there is no issue that she's Russian single female and that she will fly from Paris?
- if she should have a ticket back to Paris and change it all the time?
- If she should have a hotel booking at her name for 90 days?

Second topic concerns myself.
I will have a Commercial Visit visa for Saudi and need advise for the Bahrain one.
Can I apply for a business visa without Bahrain invitation or can i only apply for a tourist visa as will do my girlfriend?
Can I go by land to Dammam easily and oftenly with a Bahrain tourist / business visa & Saudi Comercial visit visa?

Sorry for all these questions & Thanks a lot for your support!
Kind regards


You can visit this website and check the visa availability for a specific nationality including visa conditions.  I am sure if someone else has more info regarding the business visa query they would reply back,


Hi Logicalindian,

We have already checked on this official website and we are elegible for 90 days tourist visa for both of us, and for me for Business visa for 90 days also .

This beeing theoritical, we would like to grab experience from people who applied, extended and renewed these visas every 3/4 months.

Thanks in advance,


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