Moving to Dalian in March


Any expats in Dalian? Please, I'm going to need some friends and advice, lol. I am new on this forum and have never been to China. =\ but I'm as excited as can be. I can't wait to start my new journey. =) I am currently in Miami, FL but moved down from New York City, where I was born and raised, about 4 years ago.

when u are planing to go there ?

Hey Ahmed,

I should be there by mid March. I am having everything finalized in the next weeks. Are you currently in Dalian? And where are you from?

hi Belkenia,

welcome to! :D

Wishing you best of luck with the move to Dalian and hope you manage to make yourself loads of friends through the website to help the transition.

You could maybe browse the Dalian Expat Network whilst awaiting responses from members :)

Take care!


hi Belkenia,

I am in Dalian now. I am a Chinese. I think I can be helpful. Do you want to have a journey? If you need help, you can contact me.

hey belkenia.
my name is affari and iam from morocco,,,age 26 years ,,and i do logistics job,,,,actualy im in guangzhou is a very btfl city,,,,can i know more about u ? and reason u choice dalian ?

Hi everyone,

I appreciate everyone's responses.

Thank you Haf for the welcome, this website is awesome.

Hi Rain,
how are you? Thank you for your message, I am so excited about going over there. And now that you may be my friend i am even more excited. lol. Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself. What are you studying? I just graduated with my bachelors in business. =) I will definitely keep in contact with you and let you know when I should be arriving. Thanks :)

Hey Affari,
Well, I have a very long story to tell. ha ha. but the sweet and short of it is that: I have always wanted to work and travel abroad. I view this as an opportunity of a life time coming from a very poor family. My parents are from the Dominican Republic and in my culture it is considered crazy to want to do something like this. People are very closed minded and want to stick to their roots. I am different. I want to experience the world and learn of the many different cultures out there and I want to have friends all around the world. I would love to have a career that would require me to live in different countries. I will be teaching for only four months though. I have to come back to the states to start law school for the fall. How about yourself?

I received the opportunity to teach in Dalian and I took it. I did not choose that city in particular myself, I would say it chose me. =)

that's good,,,wish for u good luck,,,me i finished my study one year ago,,,and worked for a company in morocco and give up then i left morocco to china the first city was guangzhou then nanning and again iam in guangzhou,,i study logistics and transportation and iam here in china to leanr how to do bbs,,i wanna bring goods from china to morocco now i rent a garage in guangzhou to put the staff,,things,,,,next month i have to come back to morocco " long trippppp" to make everything good here too,,so i think my life will be " china morocco " "morocco china " hhhh,,,infact china is a good country as the weather as the ppl they are very nice and good,,,respect,,,"for me " i got only one problem is " foodddddddddddddddd" i can not get habitude to this food,,,,,,
best regards
bon soir ,,good night :)

hi Belkenia,
I am a university student major in business English. I am 20 years old. I have some foreign friends and I am always asked to help them. To be shopping/travel guide, translator and something else. So I know that if there is someone can give you a favor, that will be very helpful for you when you just arrive at a new city. \\
My email address is raininghe[at] You can contact me.
Best regards.


hi there folks if your looking to meet up with other teachers and expats checkout the celtic bar and resturant in the high tec development zone its pure irish food and drink noel will look after ye tell him you where talking to kevin

Hello monaghan, Welcome on board ;)

Can you please explain your message. It is nearly incomprehensible. :/

Hi Belkenia, welcome to Dalian! Nice to know there will be another New Yorker - I'm from Brooklyn/Manhattan and have been here since Sept 2010, teaching. Where in NY are you from? There are a fair number of foreigners around so you shouldn't have trouble getting settled. Some popular expat hang outs include Bobo's Bar, Hopscotch and Brooklyn. You can look them up (and other services) on Enjoy your stay!

I am a brit and have lived in Dalian for ten years so I know about Dalian

Hope to see you all  and help you move to Dalian


I AM HERE!! What can I do? Can we be friends? I'm starting to feel reallllllyyyyyy home sick right now! This really sucks. What do you guys usually do and how do you overcome this feeling if you have ever felt it? I'm from Manhattan! =) Thanks for your replies. =)

Oh, and I live in Lao Hutan (Tiger Beach), right near the water park if anyone is familiar.

Hey Belkenia

if you send me your email I can introduce to as many friends as you need

Tiger beach is a ten minute taxi ride from Olympic Square

On Sundays you will find a group at the SPR Coffee just behind the Wanda Cinema / Theater
or come to the Holiday Inn Express, 189 Tianjin Street, just a 4-minute walk from Zhongshan Square and have a meal for 68 rmb with about 30 other Expats

See you soon

don't be sad bell! come to my apartment- you can hula hoop and boil some eggs! and maybe have a look in the pharmacy, lol.

vec5d :

don't be sad bell! come to my apartment- you can hula hoop and boil some eggs! and maybe have a look in the pharmacy, lol.

Can you explain this message :/???? And besides, it is your first post!

Hi Belkenia,

Welcome to dalian! How are you now! Getting better? Everyone who has been far away from home can understand you and know what you are feeling now. Dalian people are very nice. You will be fine.

Cheer up!

Yud :
vec5d :

don't be sad bell! come to my apartment- you can hula hoop and boil some eggs! and maybe have a look in the pharmacy, lol.

Can you explain this message :/???? And besides, it is your first post!

Bell and I know each other, it was sort of an inside joke I guess :)

Hi guys, I just joined this forum, congrats to the people who set it up, it helps a lot of people for sure. I notice no one has made a comment here for a while, are these people still I Dalian? I will be there in August, it would be nice to meet other expats :)

There are a lot of expats here Steve. I believe you will meet some of them easily. Just need to ask and start to look around the area. Dalian Zhongsan District or Dalian Development Area District are normally the area where you can see many expats base on my experience.

Yeah, Dalian is a great city. If you have an iPhone, make sure you get an app called The Best of Dalian.

Hey Belkenia!
I've just read your post about feeling homesick and depressed.... I can honestly tell you i know exactly how you felt! I'm from London England and it quite a culture shock from somewhere like America huh? I go to America every year as my dad is a New Yorker :) How are you feeling now? Have you settled into Dalian life? Ever need a chat, give me a shout x

Hello everybody!
I am chris, I am french and i will be living in Dalian from beg of May..
I had lived already in china few years ago, and I am very excited to know this new place, so I will bring some wines when I arrive and we will organize a good event..
Cheers to everybody and keep it up!

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