Any plan tonight?

I need a break from everyday life.
Please suggest me some fun activities to do during night in Amman since I am busy working all day. I would love to meet genuine people and make more friends.

Well, I'm hanging out with a couple of friends tonight if you wanna join. a drink or two and maybe karaoke. If you're a fan of argeeleh (shisha), though, you can join me earlier.

There's this website you can check too:


Hey Duke,

Where's karaoke night at? Please inbox me.

Cheers! 🍻

You can contact me if u like to hangout anytime

We gather a group of expats every Tuesday night, you are welcome to join)

In Ramadan: Jordan is not ok for the events, my opinion.
I think just coffees and beer in right now, usually goes Books[at]coffee.

You are welcome if you are free at 10 am today.

Hi there and I wish you a wonderful day,

well, if you are into cooking there is a place in Weibde called Beit setti (translates into my grandma's house)
its an authentic and beautiful old house with a terrace where you can book a night with friends to have a do it yourself lesson in traditional or international cooking given to you by a chef that the place will provide for you.
after that you can relax, enjoy the meal and the rest of the evening with drinks and music.

Keep in mind that you have to be a group of three atleast if I am right to be able to book the place.

Good luck and have a wonderful time.

Peace, light and happiness.


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