How to hard to find a Job as expatriate in the Digital Creation in KL?


I'm a UX/UI and Art Director now based in cambodia but have a big love for Kuala Lumpur since I was traveling in that country 15 years ago and still go there pretty often now. At least once every 2 or 3 months. I'm looking one day to move to KL and work there. How hard is to find a job in KL for an expatriate? What is your advices or tips to get apply jobs there from overseas?

Thank you



On my u derstanding Its hard to find job by visiting KL, you apply from there, after confimation then visit malaysia would be great. Now, Malaysian government is promotiing  locals because of high fresh graduate and jobless.. think twice before visiting KL on visit pass and search the work.

Best of luck

I saw there are many jobs for  UX/UI. Share your cv and email. we chat further. bye

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