How to deal initially with relocation

I'm relocating to Brighton area to start a new job. I have found that trying to rent a house from 'remote' is almost impossible. But the same seems to be for renting a room. I tried different sites, like roomster, spareroom, etc but it is not easy to find a rent for one month.
I also paid an AD on gumtree but it didn't provide any useful contact. I have found just a couple of opportunities, but I do not know if and how I can trust the remote person that even if it is sending me a copy of his/her passport, it is still unknown.

Any useful advice?


Try AirBnB; this link will take you to their website, we've used them in the past.  If you want something more resilient to fraud, then maybe something like Premier Inn hotels; they tend to provide a reasonable standard of accommodation and having looked at the prices, they seem to be about the same price as AirBnB.

I know airbnb, but a lot of rooms are priced more than hotels. Furthermore, the period is not good. The Brighton May festival is coming.

I think you're more or less answering your own questions here; tried further away from Brighton?  Delay your move?  Speak to your new employer, see if they can help, or know of any places nearby?

The fact is you're looking to move to a part of the UK, that is very popular in the warmer months and the type of accommodation you want initially is likely to be in high demand (so expensive).


I am looking for a shared accommodation for long term within Brighton, please if any could help would be appreciated.


Agree with the others that Airbnb is probably your best bet. If you want something a little more 'official', there are a lot of apartment-hotel places, like Aparthotel and House of Fischer, thought not sure about locations. Good luck!

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