Sourcing Fabric and custom printing


I would love some information regarding the best places to supply 100% linen fabric and have a small custom print put on it, ready for manufacturer. 

I'm also looking for a small manufacturer that is interested in taking on some orders for childrens shorts in size 4 to 10.  I have sourced a couple, however their minimum order is a little more that I would like at this stage.  BABY STEPS FOR ME !

Any advise/ referrals/ recommendations would be really appreciated.  I'm currently living in Darwin Australia, which only a short distance from Bali and have done a couple of trips so far, but would like to have a bit it an itinerary of places to go together before another trip.

Thank you in advance

Hi aiming74 and welcome on board.

I'd request you to drop a free ad in the Bali classifieds under the category ''Business partners'' to increase your chances of finding what you're looking for.

Best of luck.


Sarvesh team

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