How is king saud international school

Dear all
I am in a big dilemma as i have heard good and bad things about king saud school where i am planning to send my fourth grader son next year. Kindly help me out and let me know is the school worth considering or not. Please also do recommend which is the best school in your opinion. I would really appreciate your help.

Don't send him here, you will regret it. The owner, Faris Alabdullatif, doesn't spend a dime of parents money on the school or the kids. It's a waste. They treat teachers so badly, especially western teachers. Last year, three western teachers were held hostage by them without pay. They were starving and had no money. I know. I was friends with them.

The school also gives all the children the answers to tests, quizzes, and homework. Don't believe your child is actually learning anything. We're forced to give them the answers or else we're fired. We're also forced to lie to the ministry of education when they visit or we're also threatened. I fear for my life here at Saud International School in Riyadh. Stay away.

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