Do not know where to start

Hello I am Venita from Mauritius I am 36 single i am bored and i want to move to a new country discover new lifestyle and culture new atmosphere and whether climate seasons , make new friends . I have graduated in Mauritius in Textile and fashion designing, have worked 7 years in fashion industry as watch jewelry and apparel designer . after that i was bored and wanted to travel so i worked on cruise ships through europe and miami as shore excursion staff, animation staff, guest services and photographer.
Well now i want to move to something new fresh.I have no saving i have no house i have no husband no kids.
Well i need to start from 0 and i want to move to england
Can you help me please anybody
Thanks for ur time and ur advices

Hi Venita and welcome to the Forum. :)

You will probably find it extremely difficult to get a visa to come and live/work in the UK.  At the moment, immigration to the UK for non-EEA citizens is restricted to specific highly skilled people with a job offer in a shortage occupation - this link will take you to the web-page with the details and this link will take you to the one that describes all the visa requirements (there are a few exceptions in there, but they are mainly aimed at charity workers, so may not be suitable).

Best of luck.

Thank you Cynic do you know any countries which do not need visa where i can restart a new life :(

Hi Venita,

I think most countries have visa requirements for people who wish to come to live and work there.  Most western countries have similar hurdles for people to try and get over and thus make it very difficult for those whose skill-set are not on similar lists to the one I gave you the link to.

My advice - maybe consider re-training in Mauritius into a skill that features on the lists - maybe nursing, teaching - both of which are required in the UK?

venitacathy :

Thank you Cynic do you know any countries which do not need visa where i can restart a new life :(

Yes ,

I have seen a lot of young men and women in your situation, it is everybody's right to be ambitious and desire a bright future.

There are two paths you may consider.

a) Go to Dubai or Middle east  ( except Saudi Arabia), get a job at a multinational company and develop your professional and technical expertise, it is very likely that your employer will allow you to move to their European or US office and go through the trouble of arranging work permit.

b) University education in Germany ( and a few other European countries) is free. You may opt to take a two year master's degree course in Germany, after completion of your course, you will have 18 months to work, once you find a job, you will get a blue card which allows you to work in Germany and travel anywhere in the EU. :)

Finally some hope thank you Riazcdki for your precious  advice .

Ouh, that is not the easiest step but you will manage! I cannot suggest the exact way what to do but I think you should focus on your goals for the next five years. Let's say if you know that you are professional in your working field try to find the city where your skills are mostly needed. Also, choose a big city, I think you can feel better in the big city starting from the beginning. Well, think about the network. Sometimes a friend of a friend may help you to find a good job or at least suggest something.

Hi there, I don't think that there is any country which allows you to work there without any visa or work visa.

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