car hit and run

Hello Friends,

My car was parked near my house in dammam and someone hit and ran away causing most of the damage to my cars and minor damage to other 2 cars.

This happened at midnight and i was not aware of this.. just in the morning when i came out of the house and saw that my car front bumper is completely damaged. And morever i came to know that Najm came in the early morning and made the reports for other 2 cars and put one piece of paper to report to them within 48 hrs to their office. Most the other guy whose car was also hit called the najm.

I went ti najm office and they ssaid that i will get the report next day.

Now my questio is

1. Is the insurance (allianze saudi fransi ) going to cover this as my car is on lease with full comprehensive insurance??

2. Do i need to report to moroor also about this??

3. What will be the minimum deductible i have to pay??

Await valuable feedbacks.

No need to report to Maroor
Deductible as per your insurance package, if it is on lease then ask the company.
Take the Najam paper and straight go to insurance

Thanks.. i did the same and allianze saudi fransi insurance asking me to pay sr 2500/-.

Is it fair?? As najm report says 0% my fault.

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