relocation Brittany with kids

Hi there,

I'm moving to Brittany. I have x4 kids. Anyone else new moving to Brittany this year???


Hi😊 my name is Jacqui and I'm Irish!  I've just qualified to teach English as a foreign language so I'm hoping to find a job in Brittany!  Where in Brittany are you moving to? I would love somewhere on the west coast!  I'd love to hear all about your move so contact me and Im on whatsapp if you wish to keep in touch? Jacqui😊

Hi  :)

Where are you going to live exactly?
Im near Brest and Ive got two kids.

Wish you a good moving! Hackworthy was ok for me last year and I was please with them.

Bye for now,


Hi Myriam. .I'm hoping to move to Brest if I can find a teaching job there or somewhere close! If you can give me any advice on language schools  I would be very grateful! I've just qualified with a Cambridge Celta qualification in English teaching so fingers crossed😊 Would love to keep in touch with you as you seem to have a passion for the english language!!😁 I'm on whatsapp if you want my number 😊

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