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I'm moving my family x4 kids to Brittany. We have a printing firm in the UK. We print everything including posters and business cards and large format prints for house building plans. We plan to move the business to Brittany. Can anyone living in Brittany give any advice. If they have found it hard to find printing companies etc. FYI I speak fluent french ....looking forward to any help at all..thank you.


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We invite you to have a look at the French pages of the site. :top:

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Hi there... I am a graphic designer and we produce wallpaper for export worldwide.

We use printers in various countries, UK, Spain and USA but at present do not have a French printer. My printing for France is done in Italy. There are printers available but since we live in a small village, St Meen Le Grand, it is easier for us to buy online. However, depending on where you a based, I am happy to keep you in mind for our printing locally.

Please send you contact details and address, and I can contact you, and hopefully we can meet for a coffee.

Many thanks
Jacquie Woodcock (Mark Tingley's Partner)

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