To all fellow expats!

Hey guys,

I just found a great app that has been so beneficial to me lately as an non-Arabic speaking foreigner living in Cairo.

It's called Elves. I just have to let you all know. If you hate running around Cairo need a personal assistant to help you with errands, and all kinds of stuff. e.g. Today my pocket elf sent me a plumber, they even called in to be a translator, yesterday I requested a handy man to fix a window. I've asked for government information and have been given personally written lists and spreadsheets custom made for me! They found me a dressmaker and sent me all the Info needed to contact them. Anything u ask for they will do their best to help.
I highly recommend it.

Oh I don't work for the company guys, I'm just a really happy client. And I think everyone needs to know about it.

There is a only one down side, that is you only deal with one person, so if they aren't available and you need something urgently it could be an issue, but other than that it is an excellent app.

I like the sound of this, thanks for sharing :)

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