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My name is Mariangeles and I have an odd story. I was born in Mendoza but my parents moved me to the US when I was a child and I spent the rest of my years living in NJ, USA. Although I am from Argentina I really don't know HOW to be an Argentine, if that makes sense.

Well after living here for so long, and battling with immigration for what will be now 8 years in order to gain my permanent legal status here, I've pretty much had it. I am at a point where I don't even care anymore if I'm granted permanent stay because I want to leave.

The problem is I received my college degrees in the US and don't know if they will be transferrable to the Argentina system or what type of jobs I could get over there. I graduated with a bachelor's in psychology and a masters in mental health counseling. I know that Argentina type of counseling is very different than here (more Freudian and psychotherapeutic from what I read)... and I'm wondering if anyone knows or could help me figure out what jobs are out there, how to search for them, and how the process is in universities to have foreign diplomas verified and certified to be used over there... or if my masters doesn't even count and I have to re-do it.

I'm also open for other type of jobs such as HR, and even in hospitality if that's the case. I would actually like to work for an American company over there since I communicate better in English than I do Spanish (although I speak both, but my language in Spanish is not as developed).
Thank you very much for the help in advance.

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