What did you do today?

Did you do anything interesting today?

I am doing absolutely nothing today, can you believe it we are in spring and it is snowing?

Just been to Bridgend in Wales; hasn't changed since I was there last. :)

Cooked for my family :)

Guys, share your suggestion, please. What do you do if the weather is not that good outside? Yes, I  know, I can read a book, watch the movie etc but it is too boring for me right now. What do you think?  :)

Work on the house, do a spot of cleaning, or repair work to the property if you own it. Or better still Ironing and laundry always need doing  ;)

You are right! laundry and ironing are on the top of the list  :D
Thank you! :)

Stick the radio on, or play a CD, makes it more enjoyable :D

I like your ideas!  :D

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