Looking for who know Indonesian

Hello everyone,

I am Karona, Cambodian, I am currently looking for a person who could know Indonesian to work with me, the job is kind of freelancer, if you interest to find an extra income please contact me.

Hi Karonakong,

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Please post your job offer in the Jobs in Phnom Penh section to increase your chances of finding suitable candidates.



Sarvesh team

hello , i, m indonesian. May i know what work do you mean?

Hello Salim,

Nice to hear from you, are you currently in Cambodia or in Indonesia? the job is kind of web content updating, we have our database system to store all information of bus operator company, so for you just search the company on the internet and update those companies information to our database, that it. If you are in Cambodia please give me your contact, then I could direct contact to you. I am waiting to hear from you.

Hi I have good understanding of Bahasa Indonesia from living and working on Indonesia for several years.
Contact me on ***
Let me know what kinda help you need.

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