Moving to Thailand

My name is Tanya, I'm a kiwi that had lived as an expat for years in Europe and the Middle East!
I have been back in nz now for a few years but am very unsettled and looking at maybe moving to Thailand :-)
Just researching it for now!

It would be nice to be in touch with other women in their fifties living there!
I would like to live on around 55000 a month maximum less if possible?
Is this realistic??

Did you mean to say 5500.00 Dollars, or are you talking about the Thai Dollar?  Which would be about 1500.00 a month. Yes you could live in Thailand on that much, but it would depend on where you lived & how often you went out to eat, what kind of food you eat,if you plan to buy a scooter or use public transportation, if you plan to travel while you are in Thailand. Your lifestyle.  Patrick

Hi Patrick
I mean 55000 Thai baht! I have a business in nz and can take passive income so would like to live on it and no more, my bonuses etc I will use for travel:-)
I have no ongoing bills in nz and looking at rents in Thailand I'm sure I could rent a nice one bedroom for a very reasonable amount of money!
That would be the main outgoing apart from travelling I'm sure!
After a while and if I decide I enjoy living there and in what area maybe I will buy an apartment and rent a room out for more income ;-)
What estimate would you put on food per week for one person??
What area do you live in Parrick??
Thanks for your reply

TT500, In that case, renting a 1 bedroom would be no problem.  We have a 2bedroom 2 bathroom, condo we bought new, while we were still in the US. Then we got a chance to buy the studio next door and opened the wall, so now we use that studio for guests who visit us. We live in Nonthaburi, which is about 1-hour with traffic from downtown Bangkok.  But the location is very nice, we can get anywhere very easy. We live in a condo on the 19th floor with a awesome view of the city skyline. Right behind the Mall, with tons of food right out our front door. Good transportation. Food is very cheap in Thailand. My wife & I usually eat out, we spend at the most for the 2 of us 500 baht, and we are taking home left overs for our meal the next day. You can eat cheaper, if you eat street food, but we don't like taking a chance on getting sick. For a single person, you won't have any problems on that amount of money. And I believe that Thailand is much safer than a lot of other countries for a single women, including much of the US. But getting a condo with a 24/7 security, & a secure key card would also be wise decision for you. I would love to know more about New Zealand, if you don't mind me asking you questions, I would like to visit there next year. Take Care, Patrick

Keep in mind, buying property is enabled if you are married to a citizen. As a farang, you can only buy condos.

Thankyou again for your reply :-)
And yes ask away anytime re: NZ

Yes I understand this :-)
I'm also looking at businesses :-)

Patric my email is
Email me with questions anytime :-)

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TT500, When is the best time to visit New Zealand?  Is it hard to get a retirement Visa there to stay 6 months out of the year?  How expensive is it? We live on 150,000 baht right now, and we own our condo & use it for Home Exchanges. And we travel a lot. I have a retirement visa in Thailand & my wife is Thai, we have a very good life, but we still have a door open for some place to replace San Francisco, it has gotten so Expensive, that one day soon we won't be able to afford to live there 6 months out of the year. Thanks, Patrick

Hi Patrick
The best time to come would be jan, den, March, April although this year the weather had not been that great lol
As far as a visa goes asks us citezens you can come in for three months you just get the visa on arrival
I think your wife would have to apply beforehand on a Thai passport!
NZ is not a cheap option to live or retire in :-)
We have the most stunning country in the world to visit but sad to say the cost of living here is expensive!!
I'm not sure how easy it would be to get a retirement visa here :-)
I would advise come for a holiday for a few months and explore this stunning country and take it from there :-)

TT500          Thanks for the advice about NZ.  My wife is a US citizen, we met in the US 35 years ago. Do you think it is as Expensive as San Francisco?  Sounds like we could take mini 3 month vacations there. That might be enough for us. We will look for a House Exchange to start with. Do you have a home or condo there, perhaps you would like to do a Exchange with us, to try out Thailand. We live in a very convenient are. Easy to get to Airport, 2 hours to the beach, close to everything but just far enough away from the Tourist area's. Great condo w/views.  Patrick

Oh that's perfect then if she has a US passport :-)
I have sold my house in Auckland at this stage!
I have one in Hamilton but it is rented permanently so that is not an option for me at this time :-(
I could ask around some friends and you could look on the house swap site also :-)
There is lots of nice homes on there :-)


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