Moving to Hidelberg from Turkey-Any Pakistani Families there need HELP

we are moving to heidelberg in summer due to my husbands job. Coming from Turkey but pakistani by origin. i wanted to ask a few questions related to daily household stuff and their availability in Hidelberg, especially some spices and halal meat as meat was not a problem here in turkey as its a muslim country but we couldn't find any other pakistani spices and stuff here. Is it any different in Hidelberg. Any comments on this topic which can answer my queries are very welcome.

Turkish are the biggest minority in Germany - and many of them operate small shops. Thus you won't find a lack of Halal meat.
There are Indian shops, with all the spices you find in Pakistan, too.

Thats great to know. I have a few more questions i would like to ask.

My daughter is a pre schooler and i would like to enroll her in an international preschool, HIS is one option, do we have any other good international schools/pre schools asmy son will also start school in oct or latest dec this year when he turns 2.5
Also we would ideally want to live in a town house , what would be good areas close to HIS where we can find a house rather than an apt.
Lastly we have a live in nanny whose been witn us fr over 3 yrs now. Is there any way possible we can sponsor her and bring her with us. She is kenyan by nationality.
I look fwd to advice from you guys on these queries ..

Sorry, I don't know the schools and residential areas of Heidelberg.
But in general, private (and international) schools are costly and not better than the (free) local schools, where your kids could also find nearby frienmds and easily learn the language. There are of course also more local schools, so you could find one near your residence.
I assume with town house you mean terrace house (with a small plot of garden)? If so, there are many of them in all German suburbs - you won't have a problem finding one.
Regarding your nanny, I have to disappoint you: It is basically impossible for her to get a work visa as domestic helper. And even if, you'd have to pay her the German minimum wage of €8.50/hour (plus about 30% social security and insurance). It is better to find a live-out helper locally, whoich are available from €10/hour (cash in hand).

Just for my understanding when u say its impossible to get a visa could you explain why? Is it to do with her nationality? Or other rules and regulations? And for a live in nanny i am sure there must be a monthly minium wage rather than an hourly one? Isnt it? And similarly a monthly amiunt fr Ss and insurance? I would really appreciate if you could elaborate or if you know anyone or any websie who could give me further information on this

Non-EU-citizens can only get a German work permit in areas where there are not enough suitably skilled EU citizens (who must be preferentially hired, by law). These usually requires higher education or niche skills - household help is not eligible.

Sorry, there was a mistyping in my post above (which I corrected now): The minimum wage is €8,50/hour (not 18!).
You can calculate the monthly minimum wage by multiplying the hourly minimum by the number of hours worked (which by law cannot be more than 50h/week). Assuming a standard 40h/week and 4 weeks per month the minimum monthly pay is thus €1360 (of which she'd get approx. €1080 after taxes and deductions). You'd also have to give her a day off per week (usually Sunday) and all public holidays off, plus 24 paid days annual leave and continued pay if she is sick (up to 6 weeks per year).
On top of that, the employer needs to pay approx. 20-25% compulsory social security and insurance contributions. The rules for these are very complicated, thus you'd have to engage an expert to figure out the exact rate.

Please note that in Germany full-time household help is a preserve of the very rich (and live-in helpers are virtually non-existent).

First of all many thanks for a very detailed reply.. yes i heard getting a nannys visa was very tough unless u have a compelling reason. Thing is shes been with us as our nanny since my first child was born and my kids simply adore her and are so attached to her and she knws everything abt them that wont that make it a compelling reason for visa approval. We surely dont want to change her as that woudl devastate my kids and they r small.. 3.5 n 22 months old. Or should i simply give up :( thats gonna be really tough fr all of us as a family.. let me knw if there is a way out of course legal ... anyway many many thanks for your replies

I understand that .. but my husbands work is v demanding and hes most of them time away and i also work from home right now .. so having help is key to our family with such small kids

The only legal way I know of is getting her as an Aupair - but that would only work for a year and if she's 26 years old or less. Sorry!

There are very good (and cheap, because publicly subsidized) child care options available in Germany, that make it generally possible to have kids and work full time: Look for "Kinderkrippe" or "Tagesmutter".

Of course you could also decide not to move to Germany, if the country is not right for your lifestyle.

Will look into the childcare options.. of course not moving is not the solution.. thts the main thing, rest we work solutions around it to make it as comfortable as we can .. thanks again fr ur help

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