Doctors in Nairobi

Please can someone give me a recommendation of a good doctor in Nairobi, near Junction if possible.
Many thanks.

It rather depends upon the speciality that you need.  As far as I am aware, there are few general practitioners. 

Close to the centre of Nairobi, the majority of medical facilities are grouped close to Nairobi Hospital, for example;  Doctors Plaza, Landmark Plaza. 

A word of warning; many doctors are apt to put profit before patients needs.  This can and does result in unnecessary tests, hospital admissions and procedures.  Doctors can be very unwilling to refer on when a patients problem falls outside their specialism (possible loss of revenue).  I have a few 'horror' stories, for example:  concerning bills being increased by either faking test results, or charging for tests and scans that weren't done, a simple injury to a finger joint being turned into a deformity of the finger though unnecessary surgical procedures, huge bills being racked up.

The medical profession is poorly regulated, so that doctors are virtually immune to being prosecuted or being disciplined for doing harm.

Recent articles suggest that something like 2 million Kenyans are being bankrupted per annum by hospital charges (can cost upwards Ksh200,000 just for admission) and medical insurance companies are struggling with the charges too.

I am a health professional and wouldn't wish to become sick things stand!

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