CSB (Civil Services Bureau Bahrain) delay offer

I was told during the interview (was in Dec'16 in University of Bahrain) that the CSB will provide an offer for the post within 3 months. It's been now almost 5 months passed but no response from the CSB. Uni HR keeps me wait. I hope, one you guys must be gone through this long lasting delaying tunnel...

Can you guys please share your experiences? Any idea that I am still under consideration or will they just pull me off if they find a local guy for the post? I have a Ph.D. qualification with 8 years of lecturing experience in Queesnsland. There is no point of waiting if they finally will offer the post for a Bahraini?

Or, you guys think any reasons for held up? Please share your experiences so that I can decide towards my travels.

Thank you, guys and gals. Have a nice weekday (at office ;)).


I have not dealt with CSB nor heard from anyone about their experience, but the below posts should give you an idea that it does take time.

I am sure if anyone has more info they would reply back


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