CSB (Civil Services Bureau Bahrain) delay offer

I was told during the interview (was in Dec'16 in University of Bahrain) that the CSB will provide an offer for the post within 3 months. It's been now almost 5 months passed but no response from the CSB. Uni HR keeps me wait. I hope, one you guys must be gone through this long lasting delaying tunnel...

Can you guys please share your experiences? Any idea that I am still under consideration or will they just pull me off if they find a local guy for the post? I have a Ph.D. qualification with 8 years of lecturing experience in Queesnsland. There is no point of waiting if they finally will offer the post for a Bahraini?

Or, you guys think any reasons for held up? Please share your experiences so that I can decide towards my travels.

Thank you, guys and gals. Have a nice weekday (at office ;)).


I have not dealt with CSB nor heard from anyone about their experience, but the below posts should give you an idea that it does take time.

I am sure if anyone has more info they would reply back


Hi Ashraf_Makeen,

Recently I am selected for faculty position at University of Bahrain. The HR is writing me they are waiting approval from CSB for going further with my employment. I am waiting for CSB approval for around 8 weeks, and still there is no respond from them.

As you have experienced with CSB, could you write me (that for your case) when the University of Bahrain received approval from CSB? In May, June or July?

Then how many weeks the UoB took for issuing visa?


We have heard from many that the CSB approval does take a lot of time, but cannot comment on the time frame. once approved from CSB i guess it can take anywhere between 1week - to about a month to a get a visa approved.
Here is a a detailed post about the visa process from one of our esteemed members


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