Has anyone brought in a dog from abroad through Chennai airport?

Hello all,

I will be moving to India for a couple of years in a couple of months.  I will be bringing my two dogs (both mixed breed/rescues, one a tiny terrier mix, one a medium size Spaniel mix).   At this point I think I am up to speed on what I will need to do to get them into the country with respect to forms/certifications/flights/Indian government requirements.  Both dogs will travel in the cabin, one as an emotional support animal with me, the other one (she is small enough to go under the seat as required by the airline), will be carried by my nephew, who is traveling with me.

My issue:  Kerala will be my final destination, but I do not want to have to take any Indian airlines, which will not allow dogs to travel in cabin, and which I do not trust to transport animals as cargo.   The nearest I can get to Kerala via Lufthansa (the airline I want to take, Lufthansa and KLM are supposed to be the best with dogs) is Chennai.  I will have a car pick me up there and drive back to Kerala, but I wanted to (a) confirm that I could fly into Chennai with the dogs and do the India intake there, ie; that there is an office for it; (b) the government office where the intake check would be done was at the airport or somewhere else; and (c) if it was relatively easy to get through the Chennai arrival part with dog/s.

Many thanks for any advice/insight.

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