International Health Insurance

Moving abroad can be so overwhelming. You have to essentially start from scratch. But if you are relocating to a country without a Social Healthcare System that fits your needs, you will want to find the right Expat International Insurance. But with so many options available, finding what is right for you can be daunting!

While the country you are residing in might vary, the International Insurance Plans will all be similar. The formula is to choose your individual plan and then add options. Having recently gone through this process, I will highlight the basics to save you hours of research.


I am an American (U.S.) living in Brazil. I wanted access to professional & clean hospitals in both countries. Health Insurance in Brazil is very expensive & is difficult to buy if you are single or not part of a company with more than 3 total employees. If I were to sign-up for a Brazilian plan, there is also a long waiting period before I could access the health services I was interested in. After extensive research, I decided an Expat International plan would be ideal because it would cost me the same as a ‘Brazil-only’ plan and would cover me anywhere in the world including my preferred doctor in the U.S..


You are ineligible for local coverage.
Local insurance is expensive.
You want to be insured anywhere that you travel.
You want to be covered in your home country and where you are residing, in case of emergency, pregnancy, pre-existing condition or peace of mind.

This is what to look for...

If you would like the details on International Health Insurance, check out the full article here.

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